About Dan D Drilling

      Dan D Drilling is an Oklahoma based drilling contractor providing drilling services to the petroleum industry.  Founded in 1999, Dan D Drilling currently maintains drilling operations in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas. Our goal is to distinguish ourselves by performing our drilling services in a cost conscious and competent manner. We are further dedicated to developing the finest group of committed and competent drilling professionals in this industry.  Dan D Drilling, demands integrity and professionalism from it’s personnel and is committed to excellence in the performance of it’s services to the operator.

In starting this company, the emphasis has been on building and acquiring equipment that is similar and utilizes the same basic design. We utilize both mobile (Carrier mounted) and standard cantilever type rigs.  The majority of rigs operated by Dan D Drilling are of a mobile type design.  This similar design applies to the carriers, derricks, substructures, pit systems, fuel systems, generator systems and mud pump systems.  These rigs allow us the capacities we require and have a much smaller “footprint” than standard conventional rig.  These rigs also allow us the ability to minimize the costs of mobilization / demobilization and to manage our rig moves more effectively. All of the pit systems, substructures, fuel systems, generator and pump systems are designed to be interchangeable.  We strive for balance in the design of all of our rigs and equipment.

By design, our rigs have also aided in our safety program. We place an added emphasis on safety during rig moves since; the majorities of accidents occur during rig up and rig down.  Our rigs move in twenty (20) loads including drill pipe and drill collars and we have by design, been able to move and rig up in less than twenty four (24) hours.  The limited amount of loads, the simplicity of the rig up and rig down process and the experience of our crews has helped eliminate accidents.  Also, in developing our safety program, we have brought our entire program into compliance with all OSHA safety criteria and we now meet or exceed all federal and state safety requirements.

We hope this meets with your approval and if you have any questions, please contact us at your convenience.  We look forward to working with you in the future.